F H O'Reilly & Co., a partnership formed by partners Felim O’Reilly, John McDonald and Mary O’Reilly was founded in 1976. Operating over four decades, the firm has since expanded and now operates from a converted church, across from St Peter’s Church on the North Circular Road in Phibsborough and within walking distance of the Four Courts and the Law Libraries. We provide a full range of services to a wide category of clients, both corporate and private.

At F H O’Reilly the philosophy has always been to adapt and to develop in order to meet the changing needs of clients. The firm combines a traditional approach to solicitor-client relations with a particular emphasis on efficiency and expertise.    The focus in F H O’Reilly & Company solicitors is to work towards creating a relationship with the client which is based on clear lines of communication, practical advice and a first rate service.

The Firm is a general practice firm and is divided into three main Departments each managed by one of the three partners. Each of the three partners is an experienced and successful solicitor in their respective fields of practice and they are surrounded by an efficient and dynamic team who can deal with all of your legal requirements.

The firm was involved in the first ever ground breaking divorce case in Ireland, and was also successful in securing the highest ever award in an unfair dismissal action in this country. It has also forced several policy u-turns in relation to the State’s proposed municipal charges.

F H O’Reilly & Co.offers a wide range of legal services at highly competitive prices. We have a client base made up mostly of repeat clients and those who have been referred by word of mouth from both others in the legal profession and by other satisfied clients.

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